Hi, I'm Shahed.

I'm a UX Designer working based in NJ. I build world-class digital products that are profitable and delightful.


Reimagining Equity Compensation

Symposium App

Puzzle Out


Panthera Visual Identity

Alternative Investment Portal

Architect turned designer.

I have always been fascinated by the intersection of design and technology. My first computer was a Toshiba with Windows 3.1, where I experimented with creating tiled wallpapers on 8x8 pixel grids. In my teenage years I spent my free time creating flash websites, video game mods and 3D graphics.

I graduated with a masters in Architecture + Civil Engineering. I designed physical spaces at my first job, while crafting digital experiences as passion projects in my free time. I eventually switched careers to follow that passion, and I enjoy designing to this day.

Aside from design, I love playing board games and staying active: be it weightlifting, cycling, playing soccer or running obstacle courses.

Get in touch: dehahs@gmail.com