How Many Olé’s?

April 25, 2012 - Infographic, Movie Infographic

There are some profound questions that need to be answered during the course of one’s life. The answers are not easy to attain, but when the truth is finally achieved, you find the way to absolute peace.

My question was posed back in the early 90s in UAE when my dad was driving me back home from school. There was a song on the radio (Olé Olé, from Bollywood’s “Yeh Dillagi”), a very popular one at the time, and I enjoyed listening to it. At the conclusion of the song, the radio host posed this question:

How many Olé’s were in that song?

The question was part of a contest with some prizes I don’t remember, but the question stuck with me.

Now this was before the internet. The technological and monetary means to achieve the answer was beyond me. So this question was shelved. It popped up in my mind from time to time over the past 18 years, but I wasn’t vested enough to seek the answer. Until today.

I saw the movie listed on Netflix. The answer contained within in its domain, was completely accessible by me. At long last the truth was achieved:


However, like the computer Deep Thought’s answer to the Ultimate Question (42) was unsatisfactory due to ambiguity of the question itself, so too did I wonder if the radio host’s question intended to count stand-alone Olé’s or the Olé’s that also formed part of the rhyming words. Fortunately, unlike Deep Thought, my answer encompasses all possibilities.

I feel at peace.

…and I want my damn prize.


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