Dexter’s Victims

November 30, 2012 -

Infographic Visualizing all of Dexter’s kills in a chronological order.

  • Shamiq

    I like all the pieces except the knight…. you should just make a L shaped block

    • Dehahs

      done, check out the cake.

  • Amenaskhan

    That is a very fresh design! I would be interested in looking at a physical chess set that follows this design.

    • Dehahs

      thanks! i accomplished an edible version, but a physical set’s coming soon.

  • Amrah

    Ah that’s so cool!!! I never had the patience to understand chess and this seems like the miracle chess game for dummies

    • Dehahs

      thanks dude ๐Ÿ˜€
      it’s actually really simple to learn, and the intricacies only dawn on you once you play a few games, it’s amazing.

  • Amrahali

    You should have a blog post dedicated to wifey on this very special day known as Wednesday.

    • Amrahali

      I just realized the special day is actually called tuesday…not wednesday…I obv fail at days of the week.

  • Farhana

    My friend, Amrah, sent me here to see this, and at first, I didnt get it, but now I do. This is sooo coool!! I think you should copyright this before someone steals your idea. People are crazy.

    • Dehahs

      Thanks a lot visiting and your kind comment :). The problem with art is that copyrights are weakened by derivative works, even this design is based on modernist chess sets. Still, copyrights are inherent so I’m not too worried just yet, heh.

  • Shariqa Dowla

    very cool ! love the pieces …make the king a lil more dramatic though …right now he has a hole in the head . Would love to have it as a physical set . Farhan thinks its awesome , now i think i will have to make it for his birthday !

    • Dehahs

      Thanks! The king completely depends on his army, so heโ€™s essentially hollow. But yea, I need to spice him up for the physical set.

      Really glad Farhan liked it, just make a bigger cake, heh.

  • ficelle

    It’s cool!
    BTW the shape of the pawn looks like the Japanese “shogi” XD

  • Azumi Kidulthood

    This is Genius. You should talk to someone about manufacturing and marketing this chess set, the design is very sensible and futuristic.

    • Dehahs

      Thank you! I’m not completely sure where to start with production but it is on my to-do list.