Breaking Bad – Character Map

November 27, 2013 - Infographic, Movie Infographic

I mapped most of the influential characters in Breaking Bad (click to enlarge):


 The cells represents the prominence of the character: number of episodes they’ve been in (size) + the number of characters they interacted with (color intensity).

I’ve always wanted to use Voronoi Tessellation in a creative project, and the Breaking Bad character map seemed like the best place to implement it: visually, voronoi resembles freshly cracked meth, a metaphor for all the lives that have been shattered as a consequence of Walter White breaking bad.

Nerd Details

The abbreviated names show the generator points of the cells. I initially had all the points in one group, which meant that moving one point affected nearly every other point on the map. I accidentally discovered the solution to this problem while researching other visualizations: treemaps. Why not apply  hierarchical breakdown with voronoi instead of boxes? Grouping and then subgrouping voronoi cells gave me a much greater control in isolating and calculating the areas of adjacent cells.

I also got to use d3 for data processing (list of names + abbreviations, plane collision victims point generation etc.) to get all my geometry+text into Illustrator for the final graphic.

A big thank you to @johnyjames@scottlcorey, my dear wife and everyone who provided their feedback on this infographic.

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  1. Amena
    November 27, 2013

    Wow. Surreal…

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